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E3 Coalition is an innovative energy services company actively engaged in developing, installing, and managing comprehensive, performance-based energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. We concentrate on a simplified approach that builds successful sustainable projects through dynamic partnerships and creative resource management.

E3 is dedicated to helping our customers understand the innate potential of managing energy. From establishing an energy plan, to implementing successful projects that reduce budgets and build better infrastructure, E3 can help. Our team has over 70 years of experience in sustainable and energy efficient design.

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Everyone's energy needs are unique. At E3 we have comprehensive knowledge of energy efficiency options for municipal, commercial and industrial applications. We specialize in partnering with you to deliver best-of-class service for energy management.


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E3 Coalition designs energy projects to produce turn-key solutions. We couple building science with extensive knowledge of industry standards and product evolution to bring the latest technologies to your doorstep.


E3 Coalition offers energy services to communities and counties guiding them through project development, financing options, incentives and government resources to realize an excellent return on investment.


Building a sustainable energy future requires diverse approaches to energy delivery. At E3 we build on energy efficiency projects by providing an array of renewable energy options for a cleaner environment.

Energy Partner Testimonial

“Working with E3 was great. They covered all the bases from technical to financing, completing projects that had been put off for years. My guys are happy and the taxpayers are too!”

- Virgil Hanold, Vernon County Highway Commissioner

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Whatever your energy needs, E3 can help. We offer creative approaches for both traditional energy saving measures as well as cutting edge solutions from the renewable energy sector. Contact us to find out how E3 can help solve your energy needs.

Recent Completed Projects

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Sparta, WI Hockey Rink

By providing an investment grade energy audit E3 was able to identify measures that would save $13,800 in energy costs each year. Using a staged approach the rink realized all the project initiatives over time.


Bergum Grocery Store

Addressing the high maintenance and energy costs of the existing makeshift refrigeration system, E3 performed an energy audit and aggregated grants and incentives to buy down the cost of this project, saving the owners $9, 400 per year


Vernon County

The five building projects were specific to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant  (EECBG) parameters, which allowed for: lighting, HVAC, insulation, windows, and solar improvements.